I was referred to Mandy 5 years ago by a long time friend who promised the best massage I’d ever had. Though I’d had months of massage therapy after a car accident and had experienced nearly every kind of massage from Lomi to Swedish to Sports, and everything in-between. Though I’d had the hands of over a dozen practitioners on two continents working to relieve my stiffness, aches and general discomfort for over 10 years, I was not disappointed. It was indeed the best massage I’d ever had. And still is. Since my first experience, which was transformational on levels I can’t begin to relate in such a short proclamation, I’ve literally traveled over 2,200 miles to have Mandy kneed the knots from my Fibromyalgia ridden muscles and open gateways to healing that surpass the physical. Her approach is Holistic, her touch nurturing to the body and soul as it is powerful in it’s ability to disassemble pain, stiffness and congestion in the limbs. If I could keep a Mandy Zabohne in my pocket, I would. As it stands I’ll have to continue to book her healing massages each time I return to Washington from my Midwestern Exile. If you are ready for some righteous healing, Mandy’s your partner in crime.

-Kait M. 

For anyone who wishes to be in more physical comfort and/or learn more about their body I recommend making an appointment with Mandy. I received massage from Mandy. It helped me notice how I could prevent some of the strain I put on my upper back and neck muscles, simply by being a little more mindful about how I hold myself up. Just having a massage from her helped remind my muscles that they don’t have to be tight and achy and that they can maintain themselves in a way that doesn’t pull on my vertebrae. Mandy’s massage complimented my chiropractic adjustments enormously well, and helped me go longer without a chiropractic adjustment. 

- Heather W. 

She listens to my concerns, documents critical areas to work on, and tracks progress until symptoms are improved. I’ve experienced much relief and progress in my condition and have become a regular customer with the highest satisfaction. A very experienced practitioner who cares about her clients’ concerns. Highly recommended!

- Carlos D.

I’ve seen Mandy for cranio-sacral work and good old-fashioned massage and both were great. I hadn’t had any previous experience with cranio-sacral work and, honestly, was a little sceptical, but the first session with Mandy was really transcendent. Most recently, I’ve started weaving on a production level and found that the repetitive motion was affecting my shoulders. Mandy expertly found every little muscle fiber and tendon that was affected, including ones I hadn’t even realized down the sides of my ribs and up through my forearms, and massaged them loose. When I asked her for suggestions, she had several great ideas for stretches that would help me with self-care as I adjust to the new activity.

A simple explanation of what she’s good at doesn’t capture the magic of Mandy. She’s a charming, knowledgeable, intense, connected healer.

- DeAnna D.