In addition to being very skilled in craniosacral therapy and versed in its benefits for pain reduction, Mandy is quite a skilled energetic healer. I say that for those folks who are appreciative of Reiki as modality for resolving all kinds of stubborn, immovable physical and psychic conditions. She’s the real deal in that department as well as having strong skills in several massage modalities.

- Heather D.

Mandy is an excellent massage practitioner. She is professional and yet very warm and hospitable in all the massages I have had. I look forward to every session we have scheduled! I leave feeling exceedingly relaxed and also knowing that the issues I initially presented to her were well attended to. Her office is tidy, inviting and comfortable. She is also attentive to my comfort needs throughout the massage.

I have been to numerous massage practitioners in the past 15 yrs. Mandy is in top placement of these practitioners. You will be in confident and skilled hands!

- Ananda Z.